Pump Sales & Service

We supply and service pumps for any job and application. We have a fully equipped repair shop with a large stock of pump parts to reduce down time on any size of pump.
  • Sewage, Effluent, Grinder and Cutter Pumps.
  • Deep Well, Jet, Centrifugal and Utility Pumps.
  • Floats, Valves, Fittings, Pressure Tanks and Other Accessories.
  • Variable Speed Drives, Constant Pressure and Pump Controls.
  • Sump, De-watering and Storm Pumps.
  • Electric Motor Repair, Rewind and Replacement.

Complete Pumping Systems

We sell and support complete pump systems from the major brand names, as well as custom setups and installs.
  • Packaged Pumping Systems including Mounting and Controls.
  • Turn Key Systems for Quick Starts and Mobile Applications.
  • Industrial and Commercial Systems Available for Larger Applications.